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For over 25 years I’ve learned, practiced and offered various ways that tend to holistic well-being inclusive of mind, body, heart and spirit. I offer mentoring for individuals and groups and lead soulful retreats and journeys. I welcome the opportunity to consult or facilitate workshops in any location.


As one who has studied extensively, learned from extraordinary individuals and experiences, including in-depth pilgrimages around the world, I am able to point the way and be alongside to support healing and one’s spiritual journey. Thorough training and practice with dream work, indigenous rites, mindfulness, the nature realm, and inquiry has been life altering.

Major transition, loss and grief, and tending at a deep level to one’s spiritual journey, are the areas I’m passionate about and experienced with. I provide a safe, supportive space and have been spoken of by respected medicine elders as one who is trustworthy, non-judgmental, kind, and having the ability to listen.

Asking for and accepting mentorship is a commitment. Attending to our soul and true nature is worth the investment of time, energy, and resources. Mentoring can be hourly sessions over a short or long period of time.  A condensed time being in retreat is also an option.

“Leslie is a masterful facilitator and she managed the space with grace." - SA

“Deep listening and recognition of profound meaning characterizes Leslie’s work with individuals…She gently offers insights and suggestions often arising from a place of higher guidance.” - JW

About mentoring sessions
We begin with a complementary 20-minute session where you share your story and clarify the issues you want to explore. I then share the types of practices and services I offer and if we are a mentoring match,  we arrange sessions and begin the journey. Often, I will suggest “homework” and share other resources which may augment or reinforce our time together.

How frequent are sessions?
Sessions are typically weekly or twice-monthly and vary in time. One also may book a mentoring retreat at Fells Meadows, a 100 acre retreat in Northumberland, Ontario.

For information regarding sessions solely focused on The Work of Byron Katie please see tab below.

Where are sessions?
Sessions can be by Zoom, FaceTime or phone.

For rates of sessions please email info@lesliefell.com

Contact Leslie at info@lesliefell.com or at 647-987-4815 to book a complimentary 20-minute consultation to explore possibilities and see if we are a match.

The Work of Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie
“The Work” is a simple yet powerful process of inquiry, inspired by Byron Katie. It identifies and questions stressful thoughts and is a way to work with judgments and/or projections and address the cause of any challenging thoughts with clarity.

“The root cause of suffering is identification with our thoughts.The Work is a razor sharp sword that cuts through the illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being.This is the key, now use it.” - Eckhart Tolle

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. Although I’ve had the honour to learn and experience numerous transformational processes across the world, it’s been my experience that this practice is extremely beneficial to address judgements, projections and stressful thoughts.

Areas I’m particularly interested in supporting and experienced with include:

  • transition (job loss, divorce, etc)
  • illness, loss and death
  • money
  • anxiety and depression
  • relationships (parent, children, partner)

I warmly invite you to explore this process and test it for yourself.

“Not only a skilled facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Leslie brings to it broad experience in investigating our inner world. When she has facilitated me in The Work, I was able to gently let go of my unconscious motives and touch a deeper truth.  It went well beyond release from one particular situation.” - Jennifer D


Individual Sessions
In one-on-one sessions, my role is to provide safe, held space and to listen and facilitate to the best of my ability. We start by clarifying and grounding in the issue you want to explore and welcoming any thoughts and emotions that arise. I support you to complete a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet (JYN) if you are new to The Work. I facilitate you on each stressful thought by asking the four questions and prompts when appropriate. If you are new to the turnarounds, I assist you to find “turn arounds” and examples that resonate with you. We identify the core beliefs which underlie your issues and then we investigate them. When clear about what’s true for you about a situation, we explore how you can apply this in your life. If we are doing multiple sessions I may include a brief meditation to begin the session and I will assign suggested “homework”.

How often are the sessions?
Weekly or twice-monthly.

Where and when are sessions?
Skype, FaceTime, phone or in person when possible.

Rates: Please email info@lesliefell.com for info.

All Inclusive Retreat at Fells Meadows
An immersion nurturing nature retreat into The Work of Byron Katie where you will learn and practice The Work of Byron Katie while being held in a retreat space.This retreat is open to people new to The Work and those who are deepening their practice.

Includes accommodations, meals, in-depth facilitation, and practice.

The next retreat is to be booked for 2022. Please email me if interested in a weekend retreat. For more information on retreats and/or to register once a date is confirmed please visit Fells Meadows.

Workshop Options
Coordinate a workshop in your area or at your organization and hire Leslie to facilitate.

Introductory workshops are occasionally offered by Leslie in Toronto. When scheduled these are posted in the Retreats & Events page on this site. Quarterly updates of upcoming workshops and retreats are mailed to subscribers.


Traveling the world over the past couple of decades deepened my understanding of this incredible planet, its gift of diversity and challenging anomalies. The people, wildlife and magnificent, diverse landscapes and wonders of nature touched my heart.  Words seem to limit the extraordinary experience of deepening my connection with the beauty and wisdom I witnessed. To enable others to also experience a life altering journey is a deep pleasure.

Journeys being considered for 2023 include:

Soul Manna: A Spiritual Journey in Africa co-led with Mandaza Kandemwa, a Shona Medicine Elder. Details below.

Are you interested?
If you are interested in joining us on this remarkable journey, or would like additional information, please send us a note with “African Journey” or “Peru Journey” in subject line, to info@lesliefell.com

Soul Manna: A Spiritual Journey in Africa
Experience the magic of Africa by journeying through the physical and spiritual realms of this ancient continent.

Guided by Leslie Fell and Mandaza Kandemwa, a Svikiro and Mhondoro elder, this journey provides you with unparalleled access to the gifts of generational wisdom and connections to the earth, water and life of Africa. An experiential expedition, venture outside the normal travel experience.

A major component of the journey is to experience one of the national parks in Africa. Home to one of the largest concentrations of African animals, we will have the opportunity to see the majesty of natural life through the herds of elephants and the prides of lions. Experience the cycle of life as the powerful combination of earth and water yields an abundance in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Throughout your African journey, there is opportunity to build stronger bonds to our human heritage through personal reflection. There will be educational sessions provided by various traditional indigenous elders. The power of the African journey changes lives and the experience lasts a lifetime.

We are presently exploring locations for the next journey. In the past we’ve included the pyramids in Great Zimbabwe and the majestic Victoria Falls. Because of the challenging situation presently in Zimbabwe we are considering parts of Botswana.

“…I am not the same person that left for Africa. There are no words for the journey that weaves such grace….” DS


I welcome the opportunity to consult or facilitate workshops in any location.

Although I’ve consulted extensively in project management and the implementation of new programs and team development, I’m now particularly interested in the areas of reducing stress and supporting staff, groups and communities with wellness initiatives and sharing resources and practices I’ve experienced as life-changing.

Put me to work in your organization or community by hiring me to:

  • Facilitate a workshop in specific areas such as Mindfulness, Dream Council and/or The Work of Byron Katie.
  • Work with your team to create programs that decrease stress and promote well-being.
  • Inspire you to act on visions
  • Share my learnings of creating a business and a non-profit.

Workshops can be on-line or once the pandemic eases, in your organization or community or alternatively an inspiring all-inclusive retreat can be organized at Fells Meadows.


Call or Text: 647 987-4815



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