About Leslie Fell 

It’s a deep pleasure to connect with individuals and groups through mentoring, facilitation and consulting services.  I believe that my learnings of and experience with various paths to enrich soul longings and deep connection within and with others may inspire and support others on their journey.

A call to learn and serve has led me to diverse projects, relationships and travels.  After completing degrees in Rehabilitation Therapy (O.T.)  and Public Health Sciences I worked first as a therapist and then in administration and consulting focusing on health care and community services.  My interests and work expanded over the past twenty years to include holistic practices and transformational ways of facilitating presence, connection, and peace of mind.

The writings of Henry David Thoreau had a major influence on me at an early age. Later in life I was stirred to travel across the world, often into remote areas with various indigenous communities.  My journey has been deeply affected by these travels and profoundly influenced by Byron Katie, the late Cree Elder Vern Harper, Dr. Malidoma Somé, and Mandaza Kandemwa (Shona).

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I now live east of Toronto in Northumberland Hills County where I co-steward a sanctuary space, Fells Meadows.  Inspiration for Fells Meadows arose from my growing understanding that nature is our great spiritual teacher and healer and a call to welcome people to reconnect with nature, be in retreat, and spiritually replenish.

A yearning to initiate and offer projects which address poverty (materially and spiritually), inspired me to found Living Ways: Sanctuary for What Matters, a non-profit dedicated to creating a more hopeful, compassionate and sustainable world.  Being involved with Living Ways has enabled me to initiate and support additional projects which will make a positive difference in our world.

Leslie Fell

Over the years I’m increasingly understanding the power of the heart, deep listening, and service. I’ve had the honour and privilege to learn, practice and offer numerous and multifaceted ways that support one’s well-being and spiritual journey.

"One should be always on the trail of one's own deepest nature. For it is the fearless living out of your own essential nature that connects you to the divine.

Henry David Thoreau


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