Over the years, I increasingly understand the power of the heart, deep listening, and service. I've had the honour and privilege to learn, practice and offer numerous and multifaceted ways that support one's well-being and spiritual journey. My journey has been deeply affected by extensive travels and influenced by individuals highlighted here. I've had the honour of hosting or working closely with all of these individuals (except for E. Tolle and I include him because of his profound presence and spiritual teachings).

For each of these individuals whom I consider humble and wise, I highlight one message/teaching, which informs my life. These messages may seem simple, indeed perhaps they are. May they serve you in the best way possible.

Leslie with Maldioma
Byron Katie

Byron Katie

Trust the unknown.

I do not know better than God/the divine. Three businesses, including my own business, another's business and God' s/divine's business. When I'm in another's business, I'm then not tending to my own business and, therefore, not present. When I'm in God' s/divine's business, I believe I know better. Returning to my own business and being responsible for taking care of that is much less stressful. It's humbling to recognize when I am in "God's" business. It's a relief to realize I'm only responsible for taking care of myself, what I think and do. To do my very best, and accept the rest is out of my hands, and in God' s/the divine's hands.

Diana Beresford-Kroeger

"The core of the global Bioplan is that if every person on Earth planted one tree per year for the next six years, we would stop climate change in its tracks."

Diana was mentored by the Lisheen Celtic Elders in Ireland when she became an orphan at a young age. She learned that every plant is intimately connected to human beings and our health. Later as an internationally recognized scientist, she has been able to prove almost all of the Lisheen teachings she received scientifically.


Eckart Tolle

The present moment is the foundation for everything.

The deepest fulfillment happens when we go into the present moment. To discover the present moment within you is the foundation for everything else. It is awakening, consciousness and being in the present moment that brings us peace.

Elder Vern Harper
(Cree, deceased)

One of the greatest gifts you can give another is to LISTEN, truly listen.

One of the humblest men I got to know and work with is the Cree Elder Vern Harper. Chapon Asin (Great Grandfather Stone) was a spiritual elder, medicine man and storyteller residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was the fifth-generation grandson of Mistawasis, "Big Child," a hereditary chief. He was also the sixth-generation grandson of Big Bear, who fought the last battle between the Cree and the Canadian government in 1885.

Vern -2
Malidoma Somé

Malidoma Somé (Dagara, Deceased)

Nature is the foundation to live in an indigenous way, and it is in the connection with nature that enables us to transform. 

"The source and home of indigenous technology is nature and the world of Spirit, to that source you must go in order to learn and grow and evolve.

By being with nature, we learn about the extraordinary wisdom and beauty that is here with us. We also learn about our true nature and how we are part of the greater whole. They are one and the same. Nature is a key way to freedom. It is a way to truly restore.

Grandmother Tsering Dolma Gyaltong (deceased)

Have a spiritual practice and heed what you are being called to do.

A demonstration by the Tibetan Women's Association for which Grandmother Tsering was a founding member, was said to be 'instrumental' in creating the diversion to get the Dalai Lama out of Tibet in 1959. She took the same journey as the Dalia Lama walking from Tibet to India, with 2 of her three children on her back. In India, she continued to be actively involved with expanding the Tibetan Women's Association (including internationally) and also an orphanage for children.

206 Grandmother Tsering July 12, 2010

Mandaza Kandemwa (Shona)

Put your own house in order. Pay attention to your dreams. Be the offering.

Mandaza (Augustine) Kandemwa, of Zimbabwe, a Svikiro (a carrier of many earth and water spirits), a Lion Shaman, and Mhondoro (one in constant prayer for others in the Shona tradition), carries with great heart the African tradition of healing and peacemaking. He stands for Truth, Love, Justice and Peace in this world.